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What's the application of ZWY60 coal mine mucking loader?

ZWY60 coal mine mucking loader is mainly used for phosphate ore, aluminum ore, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, silver ore, lead-zinc ore and other mines, hydropower, tunnel projects in narrow-space mining operations. And transportation, construction and loading. The mining slag raking machine is a combination of a manipulator and a conveyor. The slagging and conveying and loading functions are combined into one. The production device adopts an electric full hydraulic control system. It has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. It is an indispensable advanced mining equipment for mining enterprises and a substitute for labor and other machinery.
Carry capacity: less than or equal to 60 cubic meter per hour
Weight: 3100 kg
Excavation range(width*height*depth*distance):3000*2150*500*1400 mm
Gradeability: less than or equal to 5 degree
Dumping height: 1300 mm(Can be heightened)
Dumping distance: 1500 mm(Can be heightened)
Minimum turning radius: less than or equal to 5 degree
Motor power: 11 kw
Walking speed: 1.45 km/h
Maximum passing size of material: 600*450 mm
Wheelbase: 1480 mm
Wheel distance: 1180 mm
Adaptation dimension: 2.2*2.2 m
Machine dimension: 5500*1550*1650 mm