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The Advantages of YUTONG AC,DC motors

Our technical team are comes from the well-known domestic XEMC Company. We have the ability of independent R&D 

and individual design, which ensure the technology and high quality of the motor.


Traction motor(图1)

Adopting vacuum dipping equipment and more than two dipping processes to ensure that the DC motor can maintain a high

 insulation state for a long time in a humid and dusty environment, reducing the number of maintenance, and the maintenance 

cycle is more than 1.5 times longer than similar products;
Traction motor(图2)

Adopting advanced drying equipment and drying technology, pre-drying, drying, heat preservation, accurate temperature 

and time control can effectively ensure the effective discharge of moisture. The insulation paint is reasonably solidified and 

shaped to ensure that the motor can maintain a high insulation level for a long time in a humid and dusty environment;


Traction motor(图3)

Many drivers often burn motors because of the illegal operations. Our motor technology uses copper body melting and 

welding, which solves the problem of low resist of tin soldering to the high temperature , which greatly increases the life

 of the motor and extends it by more than 3 times.The surface of the motor commutator is precision-machined to ensure 

good contact between the carbon brush and the commutator and increase the service life of the carbon brush and the motor.

(Conductive powder or dust by carbon brush wear causes decrease of the insulating property of the motor, and the commutator 

plate will produce spark and be damaged)

Traction motor(图4)

Traction motor(图5)

All the motors use high quality or imported bearings to ensure low noise, low vibration, high accuracy, high efficiency, 

long life and less maintenance of the motor


Traction motor(图6)

The DC or AC motors all use of Baosteel / Wusteel silicon steel sheets to ensure high magnetic permeability,

 low iron loss, high power factor of he motor. And with low motor temperature rise, and strong overload capacity;

Traction motor(图7)

DC motors use F- and H-class insulation materials (insulating paint, insulating paper, wrapping tape and insulating sleeves, etc.)

,with high voltage insulation without short board,which could be good adopt to high altitude area of mining.

Traction motor(图8)

We are the largest power(Motor) supplier in the mining locomotive industry in China, and we cooperate

with large enterprises such as XEMC Company, CRRC and Sunward Intelligent Company to provide power with them.


Traction motor(图9)