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8 Ton Underground Mining Battery Locomotive

8 ton underground battery locomotive could pull about 70-80 ton ores, it has 2 type power, there type of the voltage. More parameters please see the details of product below.

CJY10 Ton Underground Mining Trolley Locomotive

The 8 ton underground mining locomotives include several models and voltage choices. They are applied of speed control of IGBT chopping wave type or VF type. Their main features include: smooth starting, strong traction force, long battery service life, low gravity center, good rearview, energy efficiency, low maintenance workload, and long service life of the whole vehicle. They are designed of electric braking function as well and can operate safely.

Quick information

Product Name: 8 ton underground mining battery locomotive

Fuel Type: Electric

Brand Name: YuTong

Traction mode power: 11*2,15x2

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 4430*1054*1600mm

Speed (km/h): 6.2,7.5,7.8km/h

Application: Mining; Subway ,Tunnel Locomotive

Rail gauge: 600/762/900mm

Place of Origin: Xiangtan, China (Mainland)

Rated voltage: 110V,132V,140V,144V

Advantages: Strong traction force

Braking type: Mechanical and Electric

Service: OEM/ODM

Speed control: Resistor or AC or IGBT

Video of our battery locomotive


What's the difference between the different type 8ton battery locomotive?

The 8ton battery locomotive motor power have 2 types(11kw*2, 15kw*w), the voltage have 3 types (110V,132V and 140V).

1、140V capacity is bigger than the 110V, and the operation time is longer.

2、140V load capacity is about 20% larger than 110V.

3、140V traction force is larger than the 110V

Could your company design the locomotive outline drawing based on the Peru locomotives?

Yes, we have independent R&D ability, we could not only design the different outline, but also to make the unique design according to your mining enviormment.

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