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2.5 Ton Underground Mining Battery Locomotive

CJY10 Ton Underground Mining Trolley Locomotive

The 2.5 ton locomotive is applied of speed control of IGBT chopping wave type or resistence type. Its main features include: smooth starting, stable operation, small dimension, short wheel base,quick and reliable braking effect by means of braking shoes; simple structure for easy maintenance and reliable locomotive operation performance. It is an ideal type for transportation or transfer service in medium-small mines.

About the Traction: pull about 25ton ores including the wagons, the operating slope not excees the 3‰

Product Name: 2.5 ton underground mining battery locomotive

Fuel Type: Electric

Brand Name: HNYT

Traction mode power: 3.5x1

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 2360*914*1550mm

Speed (km/h): 4.54km/h

Application: Mining; Subway ,Tunnel Locomotive

Rail gauge: 600/762/900mm

Place of Origin: Xiangtan, China (Mainland)

Rated voltage: 48V

Advantages: Strong traction force

Braking type: Mechanical and Electric

Service: OEM/ODM

Speed control: Resistor or AC or IGBT

Video of our 2.5ton underground locomotive

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