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China Battery Locomotive DC traction Motor ZQ-4 Type - 3.5KW

ZQ-4 type DC motor is as the main traction motor of china 2.5ton battery locomotive the power is 3.5kw and the voltage is 42V. It‘s easy to maintain.

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ZQ-4 DC traction motor description


The locomotive DC motor ZQ-4 type is used on China 2.5ton battery locomotive the power is 3.5kw. It is of features of good commutative performance and convenient installation and maintenance. 

Video of ZQ-4 traction motor


Do you provide other spapreparts of the locomotive motors?

Yes we are a source manufacture of locomotive and its motors we could provide the rotorsthe coil the carbon brush and brush box ect. of the motors.

Can you design the motors according to our requirement?

Yes we could design the motors based on your requirement we have been exported the customized motor to Bolivia Turkey Ecuador and Peru. we have the independent R&D ability.

Whats the delivery time?

Usually the normal product is about 10-15 days could make the delivery and if need to customize the time need to be discussed.

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ZQ-4 DC motors for 2.5ton china battery locomotive

ZQ-4 dc motors Motor Power 3.5Kw
Voltage 42V
Current 105A
Rotating speed 960r/min
Max Current 210A
Max Rotating 2400r/min
Structural type Horizontal
Working rating S2-60MIN
Excitation mode excitation
Insulation grade F or H
Type of cooling IC40
Weight 130KG