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ZQ-52 DC Traction Motor For Mining Trolley Locomotive 52KW DC Traction Motor For Locomotive

This ZQ-52 dc traction motor is applied in CJY14/6.7.9 mining trolley locomotive the voltage is 250V or 550V the motor power is 52kw.

CJY10 Ton Underground Mining Trolley Locomotive

The ZQ-52 DC Traction motor is applied as the traction motor of mining trolley locomotive of Model CJY14-6.7.9/550. The installation type of flange plate connection is applied and the motor structure is made compact. It is of features of strong traction force. Its applicable designs and compact structure make the motor suitable for ordinary underground mining workplace as well as other ground environment. 

Factory video

Why choose our motors?

Our technical team are comes from the well-known domestic XEMC Company. We have the ability of independent R&D and individual design which ensure the technology and high quality of the motor.

The motor armature uses a special process to increase the motor usage rate and is more suitable for harsh industrial mines.

Our motors uses F and H insulation materials. 

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Motor Power 52Kw
Voltage 250V
Current 234A
Rotating speed 1300r/min
Max Current 468A
Max Rotating 2800r/min
Structural type JHQ-C
Working rating S2-60MIN
Excitation mode Series
Insulation grade F or H
Type of cooling IC40
Weight 605KG