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ZBQ-22 Dc Traction Motor ZQ-22B Dc Traction Motor For Battery Mine Locomotive

This ZBQ-22 Dc traction motor(ZQ-22B Dc traction motor) is applied on the china 12ton battery locomotive.Suitable for the use places with coal gas or explosion gas.

CJY10 Ton Underground Mining Trolley Locomotive

Mining explosion-proof ZBQ-22 DC traction motor

The ZQ-22B Dc traction motor is applied as the traction motor of explosion-proof battery locomotive of Model CTY12-6.7.9/192 and suitable for working in workplace with methane and coal dust explosive mixture. 

The motor adopts fully enclosed self-cooling structure and the protection level of the shell is IP54. 

The motor frame is made of seamless steel tube Q235-B after welding and also serves as a magnet guide and a skeleton for installing all parts. There is an inspection window and an outlet box above the base. Through the inspection window you can check the working condition of the commutator and the brush and replace the brush. There are four terminals in the outlet box and the external cable is introduced through the interface on the outlet box.

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Motor Power 22Kw(ZBQ-22 Dc motor)
Voltage 180V
Current 141A
Rotating speed 1190r/min
Max Current 288A
Max Rotating 2400r/min
Structural type Horizontal
Working rating S2-60MIN
Excitation mode Series
Insulation grade F or H
Type of cooling IC40
Weight 410KG



ZQ-22B Dc traction motor video( the same shape with the ZBQ-15 motor)