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CTY10 Ton Battery Locomotive

Battery locomotive are powered by batteries. After the battery pack on the locomotive is used to a certain extent it is removed and replaced with a good one. Therefore each battery locomotive must be equipped with 2-3 sets of battery packs.

CJY10 Ton Underground Mining Trolley Locomotive

10 ton Battery electric locomotive are powered by batteries there are leac-acid battery and lithium battery could be optional. 

Type name : CTY10/6、7、9G(B)P

Application: This equipment is used for pulling up mine resources this equipment can also be used to haul mine trucks and transport raw coal ore gangue materials equipment personnel etc

It could be applied in minings or tunnel transporation.

Running Video

Shipment and one site details

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Technical Specification

Model CTY(L)10/6、7、9G
Dead-weight 10 t
Track gague 600、762 or 900mm
Tracktion force 11.18kN 12.83kN
Speed 6.2km/h 7.5 km/h 7.8 km/h  
Max traction 19.62kN
Battery device Voltage 110V 132V 140V 144V  
Capacity 440Ah
Motor power 11kW×2 15kW×2
dimensions Lenght 4430mm 4250mm
Width 1050、1212 or 1350mm
Height 1600mm 1600mm
Wheel base 1100mm 1150mm
Wheel diameter Φ680mm Φ680mm Φ600mm
Min turn radius 7m
Controlling way Resistence or IGBT or AC Converter
Brake way Mechnical brake or air brake

8o12t battery locomotive 2.jpg

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